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viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Scooter Braun Says Ariana Grande Is Like Mariah Carey And Christina Aguilera

Ariana Grande recently signed with Scooter Braun! During an interview with MTV Scooter spoke about Ariana’s voice and about which artists she reminds him of.
"She reminds me of both Mariah [Carey] and Christina [Aguilera]. Christina was this young, petite girl with this gigantic voice and Ariana kind of has the same thing. And her tone and her range remind me of Mariah."

Scooter also added: 

I kept seeing this girl online. And I knew she had a show that she was involved in on Nickelodeon, ['Victorious,'] and I would see her at different award shows and there was something very charismatic about her. I started watching videos and I started getting blown away by what an incredible voice she had. There’s kind of a natural beauty about her and this charisma that make you gravitate towards her. She kind of has this warmth that makes you want to root for her, and that’s what you want with an artist. The fact that she has ridiculous vocal range, it was incredible and that she can do it live. She’s so little and petite when she opens her mouth it’s kind of unbelievable that it’s coming from this little person…The voice. Not many girls can sing like that girl. Not many people can sing like that girl.

We can’t wait to hear Ariana’s next single off of her “Daydreamin’” album!